Since September 2015, we have devoted most of our time to help with the immense need here in Berlin for helping with the situation of the Arab refugees. We are spending several hours a day between hospitals clinics and helping translations on the phone.

We reach for the Arabic-speaking German citizens here and connect them to also be part of the needed help.

We helped and are helping many families and young people with their problems, fears, and frustrations.

We meet regularly two days a week in my Atelier. We invite both the refugees and the locals and try to get many issues solved and to build up hopes and offer the support needed.

We work with several refugee camps in organising for and accompanying some of the special cases to the authorities. We work together on finding the right solutions to ease their lives.

Times now are hard for both sides; the refugees and those who are helping them. The language is a big barrier and we are trying to connect both sides.

We, the members of the Happy moments e.V (NGO) decided to devote our time to this cause. We need your donation to be able to continue doing that.

Maha Alusi


Alusii Maha